As easy as a pie! You need to choose the fly-away city, the dates and the topic of your journey. From there you will be shown a page with a suggested tour. It can be changed and customized to your preference. 

Some of the available functions:
to save the tour in your profile,
to change one of the tour cities,
to shuffle the cities – a complete redesign of the itinerary,
to choose a must see city of the tour.

Afterwards, the user is able to buy a favorite tour by 2 means directly on the website.

Mode 1:
one payment purchase of the trip right on this site. You need to push the button “Book for XXX$” in a suitable tour. Since then you will be re-directed to the page of ticket purchase, where you insert the billing information. From here, we will dispatch an Order Confirmation to the specified e-mail address. As a result, within 4 hours you will receive all the tickets included in the tour on your e-mail.

We make flight check-ins on our own the moment the carrier enables us to make a registration. Afterwards we send the Boarding Pass to the user’s e-mail address.

Mode 2:
purchase via or SkyScanner. You will be re-directed to the third-party side of the partner company to make a ticket purchase separately.

We do not use cookie-files to increase the price.

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